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Aleks Radojcic Dr. Ac., R.N.C.P.

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Aleks Radojcic's designation is of a doctor of acupuncture and registered nutritional consultant practitioner (Dr. Ac., R.N.C.P.). He is a formulator and president of Knowledge Products and founder of the Holistic Clinic for Health and Harmony in Toronto.

Aleks Radojcic is a member of:

        Professional Member of Nutrition Consulting Organization of Canada.

        Bonafide Member, Canadian Academy of Chinese Traditional Health Sciences.

        Consumers Health Organization of Canada.

        Professional Member of Canadian Health Food Association.

Dr. Aleks Radojcic has studied various methods of holistic healing since 1976. Some of his well known teachers included: Bernard Jehnsen D.C., N.D., John Ray D.C.,N.D., George Lewith M.D. D. Ac., Prof. Anton Jayasuria M.D., D.Ac., Master Choa Kok Sui and others. For about 10 years Aleks Radojcic was a member of Natural Hygiene Association following teachings of Dr. Shelton.

Over the years Dr. Aleks Radojcic has given lectures at the Whole Life Expo, CHFA Expos, Lectures on iridology, nutrition, whole body cleansing methods and pranic energy healing. He has written articles for Vitality Quebec, Alive magazine, fliers for Knowledge Products and is in process of completing book entitled Knowledge of Complete Healing.

In his Clinic Dr. Aleks uses leading edge body stress testing instrument - B.E.S.T. (Biomeridian), a testing tool with ability to screen out what individual patient needs from thousands of homeopathic, herbal, dietary supplements.

Dr. Aleks Radojcic holistic approach to health is carried through his teachings, preventive herbal cleansing formulas and summarized in the antient Chinese proverb:

"The Superior doctor prevents illness,

The Mediocre doctor cures imminent illness,

The Inferior doctor treats illness."



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