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Why Cleanse?

You're going to get healthy. You've stocked up on pure water, good food and the latest in supplements. You've signed up for fitness and relaxation classes. The plan is definitely worthwhile. But you've left out one important factor . . .

The cleansing factor

You won't be able to absorb enough nourishment from organic foods, expensive supplements, or positive thoughts if your body is still burdened with wastes and toxins left over from the days of poor diet and poor stress management habits. Start your journey to better health by cleansing your body. Then you'll benefit far more from healthy lifestyle changes.

Help from Knowledge Products

To help you cleanse, Knowledge Products offers the following premium quality herbal formulations:


"In order to initiate healing the first and constant care of a physician is to detoxify the body . . . "

– Max Gerson, M.D., writing in A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases

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