Renew Your Health in 90 Days

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The 90 Day Whole Body Cleanse
     Phase 1: the Paraway Cleanse
     Phase 2: the Fabulax Bowel Cleanse
          The Burroughs Internal Salt & Water Bathing
     Phase 3: Cleanse of Other Major Excretory Organs
          Circu Balance
          Liver/gall bladder flush

The 30 Day Whole Body Cleanse
     Phase 1: The First Week: The intensive stage
          The Vegetable Juice Booster
     Phase 2: Weeks 2, 3 and 4
          Vegetable Broth Recipe
     Notes on the 30 Day Whole Body Cleanse

Optional 60 Day Maintenance Program
     Phase 1: Days 1-15
     Phase 2: Days 17-60

Rebuilding The Gastro-intestinal Tract
     About Digestive Enzymes
     Repeating the Fabulax Bowel Cleanse
     Information on Dosages
     The Healing Crisis
     Suggested Reading





Before starting your cleanse write down a list of all of the symptoms you are experiencing. Grade them according to their intensity from 1 to 10. Make a projection of where you would like to be, and compare how you feel at stages - 1 week, 30 days, and 3 and 6 months. Sometimes, we experience more noticeable health improvements a few month after a cleanse when we are in the "rebuilding" stage of our program (see page X). This includes good diet, good sleep and a more positive attitude towards life.


The 90 Day Whole Body Cleanse

Phase 1

1st month: 30 Day Paraway Cleanse

The 30 Day Paraway Cleanse is a new and improved version of our 30 Day Parasite Program which received alive Magazine's Gold Excellence Award for Best New Product. The herbs in this formula have traditionally been used for their deworming and antifungal properties as well as for detoxifying and tonifying the liver, lungs, skin and spleen.

This deworming program was inspired by Dr. Hulda R. Clark and her predecessors. Dr. Clark has discovered that parasites are found everywhere in the body and represent one of the major causes of disease. This program was fashioned after Dr. Clark's findings that wormwood, black walnut and cloves in proper daily amounts can eliminate at least 100 of the known parasites and their eggs. Dr. Clark's main focus was to use these extraordinary herbs to treat advanced, incurable, diseases. The 30 Day Paraway Cleanse was designed so that everyone could benefit by using it preventively.

Here is an easy-to-follow chart of how to carry out the first month of the whole body cleanse:

Day Black Walnut Artemisia/Wormwood Combo Cloves
1-7 1-4 drops 2 caps 1 caps
8-14 4-7 drops 3 caps 2 caps
15-30 7-10 drops 4 caps 2 caps

From day 1-30 take the recommended doses twice daily on an empty stomach, along with a glass of water.

Note: However, if you have already started with the 30 Day Fabulax Cleanse simply reverse the order doing the second month first and then do the first month program.


Phase 2

Second month: The 30 Day Fabulax Bowel Cleanse

The 30 Day Fabulax Bowel Cleanse is a combination of herbs and fibres (Fabulax Cleanser and Fabulax Fibre) traditionally used to promote bowel regularity. In addition to promoting bowel regularity, it also draws old fecal matter and other toxins off the wall of the colon and out of bowel pockets. The herbs in this formula are also known for their deworming and antifungal properties and are used as tonifiers of the body. The mucilaginous properties of fibre help it to soften and remove old hardened fecal matter. It is an excellent product for inflammation of the intestines (diverticulitis or irritable bowel).

Here is an easy-to-follow chart of how to carry out the second month of the whole body cleanse:

Day 30 Day Fabulax Cleansing Program
Fabulax Fiber Fabulax Cleanser
1-7 2 capsules, 3 times daily 1 capsule, 1 hour before retiring and increase daily until results are achieved
7-30 Continue with the dosage that works for you,
2 times daily

Take each dose with 1 to 2 glasses of water.

Fabulax Fibre: Depending on the severity of the problem start the first week with 2 capsules, 3 times per day in a large glass (or 2) of water. Take this 15-30 minutes before breakfast and lunch, as well as one hour before retiring.

Note: If you experience constipation with the Fabulax Fibre, just increase the amount of Fabulax Cleanser. The probable cause of the constipation is a stricture somewhere in the intestinal tract. Fibre removes old and new fecal matter but due to chronic dehydration and the narrowing of passages in parts of the colon, elimination is blocked and constipation results.

Fabulax Cleanser: the Fabulax Cleanser helps to stimulate peristaltic action (muscular movement) of the colon and after longer use can also strengthen the muscles of the large intestine. It relieves gas and cramps and aids the gall bladder. If you experience abdominal cramping it is mainly due to the Fabulax Cleanser creating the necessary peristaltic action in a sluggish bowel.

Dosage: Start with 1 capsule 1 hour before retiring, taken at the same time as your evening dose of Fabulax Fibre. The next day increase to 2 capsules at the same time. If needed, keep increasing the dosage until you get the desired results (1 bowel movement for every meal, or at least 2 per day). Some people might need up to 10-20 capsules to experience the desired results while others will see improvement from only 2-4 capsules.

After the first week of Phase 2, begin to gradually lower the dosages of both the Fabulax Fibre and the Cleanser. Make sure that at this lower dosage you are still having 2 elimination daily. Continue on with the program, taking each 2 times daily.


Our bodies are comprised of approximately 75% water and 25% mineral solids, so it's important to drink 8 glasses of water daily. Especially when following the Fabulax Cleanse. Most people are dehydrated without ever recognizing it. The need for water is often mistakenly translated into a need for food.

During the entire 3 month cleanse it is beneficial to take 3 or more 10 oz glasses of fresh lemon/lime juice mixture daily. To a 10 oz. glass of water add 2 tbsp. fresh lemon or lime juice, 2 tbsp. pure maple syrup, and 1/10 tsp. cayenne pepper. In autumn, fresh apple or grape juice may be taken instead.

In cases of inflammatory bowel conditions it is very important to correct dehydration and the salt deficiency that goes with it. Drinking water may not be enough. Salt levels also need to be replenished.

We often fear the use of salt, because we feel it will cause the body to retain water. But when salt levels are low, the body excretes water to keep it in balance with the low salt levels. For example, night sweats are a consequence of low salt levels in the body. This is why it's important, when an inflammatory bowel condition is present, that some sea salt be added. Dip your fingertip in the sea salt and place it under the tongue or do the internal salt and water bathing recommended by Stanley Burroughs. Do this until the intestinal inflammation is gone. Remember to use Celtic salt, found in most health food stores.

Stanley Burrough’s internal salt and water bathing

Directions: Add 2 level teaspoons of Celtic sea salt to a full quart of lukewarm water (purified). Don't use regular table salt because it will not work effectively. Drink the entire quart first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. The salt and water will not separate but rather stay intact, quickly and thoroughly washing the entire gastro-intestinal tract in about 1 hour. The salt water has the same specific gravity as blood. Because of this the kidneys cannot pick up the salt. This procedure may be used as often as needed for the proper washing of the entire gastro-intestinal system. If this mixture doesn't work the first time, add a little more or a little less salt or water until the proper balance is found.

To find out more about the importance of drinking lots of water every day, read the book, "Your Body’s Many Cries for Water", by F. Batmanghelidj, M.D.


Phase 3

Third Month: Cleanse of Other Major Excretory Organs

The third month of the program consists of a cleanse using 3 products containing herbs traditionally used to cleanse the genito-urinary system, the lymphatic system, the liver, and the gall bladder. The genito-urinary system consists of the kidneys and the urinary bladder. The kidneys eliminate salts, urea, uric acid, creatinine, metabolized hormones and dead cells. The lymphatic system is made up of the lymphatic fluid and vessels, the bone marrow, and the organs that contains lymph (lymph nodes, spleen and tonsils). The lymphatic system is important in eliminating toxic waste and bacteria from tissue structures. One of the functions of the liver is as a blood cleanser. It breaks down and removes remnants of hormones, medications, alcohol and other toxic substances. Cleansing these organs and systems helps revitalize the body.

Here is an easy-to-follow chart of how to carry out the third month of the whole body cleanse:

Day Product Daily Dosage When to take
1 - 15 Uri-Harmony 3 capsules, 2 times
daily with full glass of water
Morning, and 1 hour
before retiring
21 Liver/gall bladder flush
1 - 30 Circu Balance 10-20 drops 3-4 times
daily with 2 oz of water
Before meals
15 - 30 Hepatica 3 capsules, 2 times daily
with full glass of water
Morning, and 1 hour
before retiring
31 Liver/gall bladder flush

: The herbs in Uri-Harmony have been traditionally used to balance the kidney and urinary tract, remove gravel stones, help stop inflammation, reduce water retention, and harmonize menstruation. While taking Uri-Harmony observe any changes in color and smell of your urine, observe whether any ‘gravel’ (small kidney stones) has been eliminated, and whether there is a lessening of pain in the lower back or anywhere else in the body.

If during the Uri-Harmony part of program, inflammation persists, take a clove or 2 of lightly crushed garlic with some water before going to bed. Garlic contains over eighty sulfa compounds and is a powerful natural antibiotic.

Circu Balance: The herbs in Circu Balance have traditionally been used to cleanse the blood and lymph, and remove heavy metals. These herbs have also been known to protect the body from tumour formation.

Hepatica: The herbs in Hepatica have been traditionally used to cleanse and strengthen the liver and gall bladder.

At the end of the third and fourth weeks, do a 1 day liver/gall bladder flush.


The Liver/Gall Bladder Flush

Why is it important to do the liver/gall bladder flush? Because many of us could be carrying stones inside the biliary tubing of the liver or in the gall bladder itself. If not removed, these stones can get bigger and lead to health problems later. When an X-ray is taken, only the gall bladder is scanned for the presence of stones. Not all stones will show up on X-rays because they may not be calcified yet or are still too small. Biliary ducts are not X-rayed for the presence of stones, although it is logical that they might be formed there first. Because of stagnant circulation, these stones can pick up bacteria or create a breeding ground for it, along with viruses and parasites. Infections can also be a result of stagnant circulation.

The gall bladder can be thought of as "the rectum of the liver". When we do a flush it is like giving an enema to the liver ducts and gall bladder. Those who have had gallstones show up on an ultrasound find that they notice immediate relief after the flush.

Some people fear passing large stones while on the program. A flush done correctly will give good results. The herbal formula for liver/gall bladder will prepare the body for a successful flush.

If someone has had a painful gall bladder attack and doesn't want his organ to be removed yet, complete abstinence from food for a day or 2, and the consumption of freshly made juice of carrot, beet, celery, and black radish, alternated with fresh lime or lemon juice, will be of great benefit.


The Liver/Gall Bladder Flush Recipe

Preparation: In the morning add 2 tablespoons of Epsom salts to 3 glasses of water. Empty into a jar and store in the fridge. Have your last meal (only very light food allowed) by 2 p.m.


Consume the first glass of the Epsom salt/water mixture at 6 p.m.

At 8 p.m. take the second glass of the Epsom salt/water mixture.

At 9:45 p.m. prepare for bed, and at 10 p.m. mix 4 oz. of cold-pressed virgin olive oil with 6 oz. of fresh pink grapefruit juice, or the juice of a fresh lemon. You can add 10 drops of Black Walnut Extra Strength tincture to this. Shake thoroughly and drink within minutes using a straw, while sitting in bed. (You may experience a little nausea, so have fresh ginger on hand to chew to prevent that, or a glass with some water and powdered or grated ginger.) After finishing the drink lie down on your right side and go to sleep. Do not get up during the night, or for at least 2 hours, otherwise you might defeat the purpose of the flush.

The following morning, after 6 a.m., take the third glass of the Epsom salt/water mixture.

When you have your morning bowel movement, play detective. Place a plastic strainer in the toilet bowl in order to see what results you have achieved. After your bowel movement, pour water through the strainer and all that will remain is the stones. Count them and "count your blessings" too. You may see stones that are clear to translucent green, and feel soft and spongy, or they may be black or red in color, have blood in them, or have a hard crusty exterior. This is a tangible way of showing the validity of this flush, and you may have just saved your gall bladder from having to be removed one day. Don't wait for that day! Instead, do this program preventively.

Your first meal after the flush should consist of fresh fruit juices such as an apple/cranberry combination, or lemon or pink grapefruit juice, followed with a light salad or a few steamed vegetables. A repeat of this 1-day liver/gall bladder flush a week later can be an added benefit. It is wise to do a flush every 2 to 3 years thereafter, and to follow a healthy lifestyle to help prevent the formation of these stones in the future.

The 30 Day Whole Body Cleanse

For people who would like to do a shorter, more intense whole body cleanse, here is a program that has worked well in our clinic. It is a known scientific fact we can live without food for 90-115 days and without water for 12 days. As such, it should not be too hard to go without solid food for the first seven days as is called for here. To follow this cleanse you will need one 30 Day Paraway Cleansing Kit, one 30 Day Fabulax Cleansing Kit, and 1 bottle each of Uri-Harmony, Hepatica, and Circu Balance.

Phase 1

First week: the Intensive Stage.

Here is an easy-to-follow chart of how to carry out the first week of the 30 Day Whole Body Cleanse:

Day Product Daily dose
1 - 7 30 Day Paraway Cleanse  - Set of 3
Artemisia /Wormwood Combo 4 capsules
4 times daily
Clove 2 capsules
4 times daily
Black Walnut tincture 10 drops
4 times daily
1 - 7 30 Day Fabulax Bowel Cleanse  -  Set of 2
Fabulax Fiber 3 capsules
4 times daily
Fabulax Cleanser 2 capsules
4 times daily
1 - 7 Uri-Harmony 2 capsules
4 times daily
Hepatica 2 capsules
4 times daily
Circu Balance

10-20 drops
4 times daily

The first week of the program involves a liquid diet only. The supplements and juices are to be taken 4 times daily, 4 hours apart (e.g. 8 a.m., noon, 4 p.m., 8 p.m.). Two hours after every herbal dosage, drink the recommended liquids. This means 15 capsules and 20-30 drops of tincture 4 times daily. They can be taken with a 10 oz glass of lukewarm water, diluted apple juice or the lemon/lime juice mixture described on page X.

As an option, the capsules can also be opened and emptied into a jar with a lid. The liquid is then added, shaken for 10 seconds until thoroughly mixed, and consumed immediately.

If at any point nausea is experienced, some fresh grated ginger or a few drops of mint oil with water can be taken. Two hours after each dosage, a fresh vegetable juice "booster" made from organic produce should be taken.


Vegetable Juice Booster

Drink 1 glass of juice 4 times daily, prepared from the following vegetables: 300 g beet root, 100 g carrots, 100 g celery root, 30 g black radish and 1 egg-sized potato. The next day and for 6 days thereafter you can take colonics or enemas, or just take the sea salt/water mixture outlined earlier. The sea salt/water mixture should be taken in the morning on an empty stomach, once per day if possible.

If you find it repetitious drinking the same juice each day, you can add other vegetables as long as you keep the beet and carrot mixture as your base. As an alternative, the lemon/lime juice mixture can be taken at any time throughout the day.

Probably some of the best juicer brands for the price are Omega and Champion. If you can't afford either of these than you can opt out for a less expensive one, or possibly a refurbished one sold in some health food stores.

For those with very busy lifestyles, making vegetable juices can sometimes be a difficult task. Eating grapes is another option during the first week of the intensive cleanse. Wash them thoroughly with a natural fruit and vegetable washing liquid (found in health food stores) and eat in small portions throughout the day. Don't consume more than 2-4 lbs. per day.

Phase 2

Weeks 2, 3, & 4

Here is an easy-to-follow chart of how to carry out the last 3 weeks of the intensive body cleanse:

Day Product Dosage

7 - 30

Artemisia 2 caps, 2 times daily
Clove 1 cap, 2 times daily
Black Walnut tincture 15 drops, 2 times daily
Fabulax Fibre 2 caps, 2 times daily
Fabulax Cleanser 1 cap, 2 times daily
Uri-Harmony 1 cap, 2 times daily
Hepatica 1 cap, 2 times daily
Circu Balance 10 drops, 2 times daily

Continue with the supplements left for the remainder of the month.

On day 7 and day 14 do a liver/gall bladder flush as outlined earlier.

On day 8 begin having solid foods, while continuing the herbs for the remainder of the month. Your first meal should consist of fruits; the next meal, some mixed steamed vegetables with toast; and the third meal a mixed salad with some grains. Gradually introduce more complex foods to your diet. It is advisable at this point to add to your diet an organic vegetable broth, which is rich in minerals, especially potassium.


Vegetable Broth Recipe

In a 4 litre pot add:

  • 25% beets and beet leaves finely chopped,
  • 20% potato peelings,
  • 15% chopped onion with skin,
  • 15% chopped carrots,
  • 10% chopped garlic,
  • 10% celery root or stalks,
  • 5% savoy cabbage with some dark greens

Cover with water and cook at a low temperature for 1 hour. Add to taste: some hot pepper, Celtic sea salt or Dr. Browner's balanced mineral broth. Strain and drink.



Those suffering from chronic conditions, but who have chosen the natural path to recovery, can add the following items to the 30 day intensive cleanse:

1. Black Walnut Extra Strength Tincture

One half to 1 teaspoon, 4 times per day until the bottle is finished. Begin on the first day of the cleanse.

2. Pancreatic Enzymes

Pancreatic enzymes help break down mucous and are powerful digestive aids. During the first 7 days of the cleanse take 6 tablets 4 times per day, with vegetable juices or lemonade. After 7 days you may continue taking 2 to 3 tablets with larger meals.

3. Kelp or Dulse Tablets

During the first 7 days take 1 tablet, 4 times per day, with vegetable juices or lemonade.

After that reduce to 1 tablet 2 times per day while product lasts. Kelp and dulse help speed up the metabolism, are high in minerals, and are known to support the thyroid gland due to their iodine content.



The Optional 60 Day Maintenance Program

For those with chronic conditions, to experience further improvements on the path to self-recovery, follow up the whole body cleanse with a 60 day maintenance program. For this you will need another 30 Day Paraway Cleansing Kit. The second kit, with the addition of Black Walnut Extra Strength Tincture, will last for 60 days, because from day 45 onward you will be taking only 1 dose of the supplements every second or third day.

Here is an easy-to-follow chart of how to carry out the 60 day maintenance program:

Day Black Walnut Black Walnut
Extra Strength
Artemisia Combination Cloves
1-15 15 drops - 4 caps 2 caps
17 - 1/2 teaspoon 4 caps 3 caps
19 - 1/2 teaspoon 4 caps 3 caps
21 - 1 teaspoon 4 caps 3 caps
23 - 1 teaspoon 4 caps 3 caps
25 - 1 teaspoon 4 caps 3 caps
27 - 1 teaspoon 4 caps 3 caps
29 - 1 teaspoon 4 caps 3 caps
32 - 1 teaspoon 5 caps 3 caps
36 - 1 teaspoon 5 caps 3 caps
39 - 1 teaspoon 5 caps 3 caps
43 - 1 teaspoon 5 caps 3 caps
46 - 2 teaspoons 6 caps 3 caps
50 - 2 teaspoons 6 caps 3 caps
53 - 2 teaspoons 6 caps 3 caps
57 - 2 teaspoons 6 caps 3 caps
60 - 2 teaspoons 6 caps 3 caps

From day 1-15, take doses twice daily on an empty stomach, with a glass of water.

From day 17-60 take products only on the days that are marked. Take doses once daily on an empty stomach, with a glass of water.

Note that on day 17 you should start taking Black Walnut Extra Strength Tincture.

(One teaspoon Black Walnut Extra Strength Tincture = 50 drops)

Rebuilding the Gastro-Intestinal System

After completing either the 30 or 90 day whole body cleanse, you will need to replenish the gut with the "friendly" bacteria that are an integral part of our immune system. A good acidophilus / bifidus flora supplement should be used for 1 month or longer. Fermented foods are also helpful in improving intestinal flora.

Another important part of rebuilding your immune system is to take digestive enzymes. Some of the symptoms of poor digestion are belching, heartburn, flatulence, fullness/bloating, and fatigue after meals.

Digestive enzymes are either animal or plant (fungal) derivatives. Pancreatin is a common animal derived enzyme produced by the pancreas. It helps digest food and malignant cells. Supplementation with pancreatin is an integral part of most health recovery programs in major holistic clinics. Dr. W. Kelly, Dr. Gerson, Dr. B. Jehnsen and many others advocate pancreatin as an essential part of the self-healing process.

Plant enzymes are widely used as digestive aids but not for therapeutic treatment of chronic health problems. Other food enzymes come from unripe papaya and pineapple. Fermented foods (sour kraut, beet kraut, pickles) are also rich in enzymes and beneficial organisms like lactobacillus acidophilus.


Repeating the Fabulax Bowel Cleanse

If, after you have completed either the 30 or 90 day whole body cleanse, you still experience occasional sluggish and irregular bowel movements, repeat the 30 Day Fabulax Bowel Cleanse until the "problem" is only a memory. The 30 Day Fabulax Bowel Cleanse can be taken for a week, a month, or even longer. Once you have achieved 1 bowel movement for every meal, or at least 2 eliminations per day, stop using this product.

Some people ask about the possibility of becoming dependent on herbal laxatives. Only in that you can depend on herbal laxatives to bring about bowel health. Many of mankind’s diseases are the result, at least to a degree, of sluggish bowels. If we allow toxins to stay in the bowel they can eventually seep through the porous intestinal wall into the blood stream, creating toxicity and a wide variety of health problems. Instead, we can create bowel regularity that invariably leads to better health. Improvements in diet and a more balanced emotional life will both reduce your need for a bowel cleanse.


Dosages in General

Each and every one of us is unique and different from everyone else. We all have different constitutions and levels of health so you may need to try different dosages in order to obtain the desired results. Experiment. Be intuitive and results oriented. If you are looking for a faster recovery, and know what to expect in a healing crisis (see further down), then it’s OK to increase you dosage.


Children's Dosages

The daily children’s dosage of an herbal tincture or nutritional supplement in tablet or capsule form can be based on this formula: divide the child’s weight into 150 (weight of the average adult). The resulting figure represents the percentage of the adult dose the child needs. For example if the child’s weight is 50 lbs., 50:150= 1/3 Therefore the child's daily dose would be 1/3 of the adult dose.

Following this principle, children can follow the 30 or 90 day cleanse, except that they should not fast, but instead continue to have solid food. While a regular diet is a must, vegetable juices can be added to their daily routine.


What is a Healing Crisis?

Before undertaking a cleanse it is important to have a better understanding of what a healing crisis is and why it happens. If we do not have enough understanding of the healing crisis, or someone to guide us through it (a health practitioner willing to educate and offer support during this critical stage), there’s a chance that we may give up and revert to our old ways after facing our first challenges. When we start to experience the unpleasant symptoms of detoxification, we may blame the natural remedy or our new dietary regime for the way we feel, or we may say to ourselves "this cleanse is too much", or "I don't want to be a health nut", etc. We may begin to ask ourselves "If I am eating better food now than ever before, then why am I feeling worse?" Even those familiar with the healing crisis sometimes find it difficult to accept the symptoms they are going through. Only when the crisis is over do they realize what has occurred and why.

A healing crisis is a natural consequence of removing toxins from our bodies. The toxins are dumped into the bloodstream for elimination by the way of the liver, kidneys, spleen, skin, bladder and colon. The symptoms of a healing crisis may include nausea, headache, sleepiness, fatigue, diarrhea, colds, ear infections, boils, or skin eruptions. These symptoms can last from a few hours to a few days, and in very rare cases can even last 1 to 2 weeks. The length of the healing crisis will depend on the amount of toxins the body needs to eliminate. The healing crises can occur at any point during the detoxification program, often at a time when we have regained some vitality and begin to feel better.

There may be several "plateaus" in the healing crisis. After each one the symptoms of health problems suppressed in the past may resurface. After going through the first plateau we begin to feel much better until we reach the next plateau. In a healing crisis the body goes through what is known as "retracing". It's like going through a movie in reverse. Whatever symptoms we have suppressed through the use of antibiotics, surgery, unresolved traumas, etc. will reappear again for a short time. Often the focus of conventional medicine is only to relieve symptoms and the accompanying discomfort. The root of the problem is often overlooked, and, if suppressed over a prolonged period of time, can develop into a chronic problem. In a healing crises we should focus on the fact that everything will be okay and that it’s necessary to go through the "cloud" in order to get to the sunshine on the other side.

Knowledge, patience and perseverance will all pay off when going through a healing crisis. A good analogy is that of an ocean diver wearing flippers on his feet. When he touches the bottom and stirs up sand all around him, he doesn’t race up to the surface in fear. Although his vision is blurred for the moment and it can be scary, he waits until the sand settles and everything becomes calm and clear around him.

Body cleansing is a good starting point on the journey to better health. Anyone can benefit from a good cleanse. Even for the healthy it is a good preventive measure. And remember that a good body cleanse should be accompanied by a better diet and an emotional and mental cleanse. All diseases are to one degree or another manifestations of suppressed traumas in the past. Loving yourself, facing fear, and letting go of anger, jealousy, self-pity, denial and attachment will bring a much faster recovery.




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