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We receive letters of appreciation from our customers on occasion. A few have been posted for your information:

July, 1996

Dear Doctor,

I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and used to suffer terribly from insomnia.  Ornithine did not seem to help me and in order to get any sleep at all, I had to take 2 Melatonin and 2 Valerian Root capsules every night.

Eventually I tried your Hepatica Liver Cleanse. After the first cleanse, I had several nights of good sleep. After my sixth cleanse, my insomnia was pretty much cured. I still suffer from occasional sleep problems but they don’t have the severity they did in the past. I think that perhaps an overloaded liver may cause insomnia in some people.

Thank you and all the best,

Ottawa, ON

December, 1996

Dear Doctor,

Although, I just purchased my 30 Day Parasite Cleanse Kit a month ago, I felt compelled to write and let you know the results.

For the past four years I have been working in the School system as a supply teacher – teaching children from kindergarten to grade eight.  I was always getting sick, and even lost my voice, an impossible situation for a teacher. Consequently I frequently had to turn down work.

Since I started taking your products I have not been sick once! And December is a particularly hectic time with report cards just out, projects due, and preparations underway for year end celebrations. I have been busy teaching preparation gym classes to primary students (many kindergarten classes) for the past week!  Helping them put on and remove gym clothes and winter clothing is usually a particularly risky activity, due to my vulnerability to germs and bacteria.

My previous illnesses were very frustrating, particularly since my siblings were never ill while I – despite a far healthier lifestyle – was constantly sick!!

I’m so pleased not to be sick and wanted to pass on my appreciation.


ES, Toronto, ON

June, 1997

Dear Doctor,

I would like to thank you for your valuable advice and help! My dog started acting quite different from his usual behavior about five weeks ago.

He did not want to go for walks any more and stayed in his doghouse. He began eating less and less. He lost five pounds, had no appetite, and appeared sluggish and withdrawn. 

I took him to the vet when he started to refuse food entirely. After all the tests and x-rays were done, they found that his liver was enlarged, which is often associated with cancer.  He was also diagnosed with anemia. I was told that nothing could be done for him.

I immediately started my dog on the 30 Day Parasite Cleansing Program, gradually increasing the dosage as you had suggested. After about five weeks on the program, he is eating his full meal, goes for walks (though slowly) and comes out of his house to associate with other dogs and take advantage of the sun. He is still on the program and seems to be recuperating slowly.

 I strongly believe that the 30 Day Parasite Cleansing Program has made the difference. I consider this to be quite a turnaround!

A BIG HELLO from all the animals and all the best,

IT, Toronto, ON

July, 1996 - June, 1998

Dear Doctor,

I would like to tell you about my experience with the Paraway Parasite Cleanse.

In the spring of 1994 I became infected with Beaver Fever from our city water. I lost 20 pounds over four days and had severe diarrhea and nausea. One year later I gave birth to a healthy baby girl but had massive hemorrhaging, losing 75% of my blood in two minutes. Six weeks later I was in the emergency room with what the surgeon thought was a burst appendix. After this I had bouts of cramping, abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and weight loss. I was eventually diagnosed with Crohn's disease in 1996. I also have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

I first began the Paraway Parasite Cleanse in July of 1996. After three days I found lots of what looked like whitish coconut in my feces, to the point that some of my feces looked almost pure white. I felt fairly healthy but as the days went on I began finding round white worm-looking things in my feces as well as what looked like small one inch skinny earth worms (maybe tape worms?) Around the tenth day I became quite ill, with heavy mucous congestion in my throat and head. By the following morning the worst was over and I began to feel better. Another few days and I felt better than I had in a long time.

At that point I stopped the cleanse, not quite understanding the importance of the extended three month cleanse and follow up program. Several months later I began again, but became too ill to continue. It is now June of 1998 and I'm on day 20 of the parasite cleanse, for the third time. This time I'm doing great. You may be interested in hearing what has happened to me during this cleanse.

On day ten I was visiting friends, one of whom is a master herbalist. My neck felt wet and when I brought my hand down my fingers were covered with blood and my neck felt like there was a bit of glass jutting out from it. My husband and friend examined the area, wiping away the blood. It looked like skin sticking out so I touched it and pulled it out. On examination my friend said that she thought it was a tapeworm egg. The next day I had loads of parasites in my feces. I easily collected 30 large parasites and put them into a bottle with alcohol. My husband took them to the clinic to have them sent to the lab. Unfortunately the nurse threw my sample away, saying it was the wrong sort of bottle. I wish I could have had them properly examined, but we had looked at them carefully, and using General Zoology, 5th edition, and Parasitology, 4th edition, we identified:

1. hookworm (Ancylostoma duodenale). It was long and thin with two rays at the end or front.

2. blood fluke (Schistosome haematobium). It had a longish face, with horns and a tail.

3. possibly Strongyloides stercoralis.

4. possibly Ostertagia ostertagi.

On day 19 I easily found about 15 sheep liver fluke. There were probably more; they were about the size of my baby fingernail. I did up some new samples in a bottle the nurse gave us and they have gone to the lab as of yesterday. I also have some other samples, my own, that I would like to send to the Parasite Lab at Guelph University.

My husband is now totally convinced of the benefits of your cleansing programs. He is doing the parasite cleanse and plans to follow it with the liver cleanse as well.

Thank you,

Whitehorse, Yukon

June, 1997

Dear Doctor,

Having passed a kidney stone 25 years ago that, together with complications, almost resulted in an early death, I approached a kidney cleanse with some apprehension.  However, it was explained, in the directions in Dr. Clark’s books, that one of the herbs would actually dissolve any stones and therefore no damage or pain would occur.

Within ten days, thanks to your Uri-Harmony Kidney Cleanse, ankle bones not visible for 25 years due to swelling became visible once again. Gone too were the high blood pressure and hot flashes supposedly caused by hormones. Even more surprising was the cessation of my back, leg and hip pain.

And it was all perfectly safe, painless, and accomplished without drugs or surgery!


Toronto, ON

November 15, 1997

Dear Doctor,

I’m just finishing my third 30 Day Parasite Cleanse. Two years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. A biopsy was made of a lump under my right arm, and several weeks later I was told it was malignant and I should have the right breast removed followed by six weeks of chemo. I was 70 years old and felt very comfortable telling them “NO – I will try something alternative”.   I went for second opinion and his reply was the same: surgery and chemo.

Instead I got Dr. Hulda Clark’s book and started learning about parasite cleansing.  I also saw a health consultant who recommended the Paraway 30 Day Parasite Cleanse.  I have now done the cleanse three times and feel great at 72.

Why doesn’t the Cancer Society do more research on parasites and let everyone know how important it is to clean out the system.

Thank you for help!

Kelowna, BC

November, 1998

Dear Doctor,

I’m writing to tell you about my experience with the 30 Day Fabulax Cleansing Program. I decided to use the colon cleanse because I felt that my eliminative processes needed a boost at the time. I eat a very good diet, mostly organic and high in plant fibre and nutrients. However, drugs used during my prenatal life traumatized me, and this, together with further medical trauma during my first year of life, still sometimes affect my ability to eliminate properly.

At the time I began the program, I was experiencing chronic pain under my right arm, as well as intermittent constipation. When I began the program, there was an immediate large increase in the quantity of stool I passed daily. It made me wonder where all that waste matter was going before I started the program.

The pain under my right arm turned into a burning sensation for a few days, then faded, and by the end of the program was almost totally cleared up. It still returns occasionally, mainly when I stress myself emotionally (in my relationships), and I take it as a sign that I need to readjust my behavior to something that is more self-nurturing.

I noticed after two to three weeks that my facial skin looked several years younger: it was clear and glowing. I also felt that my immunity was stronger and that I was less likely to get sick while I was eliminating wastes so well.

All in all, I enjoyed using the program and plan to do so again. I believe I can create better health for myself by promptly eliminating waste materials.

Thank you again for creating this kit.

Sincerely yours,

Vancouver, B.C.

January, 1999

Dear Doctor,

Much to my surprise, your 30 Day Paraway Cleansing Program helped clear up numerous problems for me, including a particularly difficult-to-deal-with skin condition.

I have had a lot of trouble with pimples over the last ten years. But now I have more vibrant, healthy skin – the pimples are gone! I was also concerned about the dark bags I had under my eyes. They have disappeared as well.

The 30 Day Paraway Cleansing Program is incredibly easy to use, and the most effective full spectrum kit I could find anywhere in the USA or Canada. I would recommend it to anyone who wants rid themselves of parasites, or give their body an “annual tune-up”.

Thanks loads for creating the best parasite cleansing kit on the market.

Sincerely yours,

Toronto, ON

January, 2000

Dear Doctor,

Every winter I experience bouts of psoriasis and eczema. The dry weather causes the skin on my forehead, temples and back to become dry and irritated. I usually use a topical cream or ointment that is applied to the affected areas. However last winter I experienced my most severe case to date.  The medications that my family doctor prescribed showed no results, and the dermatologist he referred me to was unsuccessful as well. My condition continued to deteriorate, particularly my back.

I began to find social situations very stressful because the affected area became so sensitive that after a normal day my shirt would have bloodstains on the back.  I always had to pay close attention to see if the blood was visible on the outside of my shirt. Needless to say I could only wear dark colored shirts.

After visiting you I began the 30 Day Paraway Cleansing Program as well as using castor oil externally on the affected areas. After a week I began to notice a softening of the skin, and my increased urination was an indication that the cleansing process had begun.  By the time I was halfway through the program my forehead and temples had returned to normal and my back was showing remarkable signs of progress.   Before the 30 days were up, my back was completely cleared up.

Thank you!

Toronto, ON


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