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Welcome to our library. Here you can access an increasing amount of interesting articles and files about various holistic subjects. You can also download the information in 'pdf' format.

The following information is available to date :


Here you can browse through testimonials from others who have experienced using our products.  These are real people with real problems. See what they have to say - you may find their information useful.

Renew Your Health in 90 Days

A booklet describing the 90 Day Whole Body Cleanse in great detail including dietary advice during the program and a bibliography of reading material. Well worth checking out.

Complete Cleansing

Basic info for those becoming interested in the subject of body cleansing. There's also a few links to some of our products which are specifically derived for the cleansing process.

Parasite FAQ

Information in an FAQ format which brings our awareness to parasitic microorganisms in our daily interaction with our environment, food, etc. with some basic advice to reduce contact with and eliminate parasites from our body.

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